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Add an ISBN to your buyback list by typing the number into the Enter ISBN: field. Click the Add ISBN to List button to build your list.

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Click the link below to view ISBNs in your current buyback alert list. This list may also include books you have previously purchased through this site.

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UMD Stores makes every effort to get you the highest possible price for your USED books. It is our policy to buy every college textbook that you decide is no longer needed or wanted AND for which there is a resale market.

Buyback is operated on a first-come, first served basis. UMD Stores buys back a predetermined quantity of titles that are being used for the next semester. When the bookstore limit is reached, a wholesale price will be offered if available.

Workbooks, study guides, lab manuals, spiral-bound books, books with tear-out pages, books with excessive writing or highlighting, books with CD's, missing or badly damaged covers, broken spines or missing pages are generally NOT bought back by the bookstore, but may be purchased by the wholesaler.
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