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Doctorate Hood: Education / Light Blue
Light Blue Doctorate Hood is presented for a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Price: $49.00
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Doctorate Hood: Ph. D. / Royal Blue
Royal blue Doctorate Hood is presented for a Ph. D.

Price: $49.00
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Eight Sided Velvet Doctoral Tam
Eight sided velvet tam is worn only by doctoral candidates. Tam has a stretch fit panel in the back, and includes silky gold tassel. One size fits most.

Price: $42.00
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Graduation Doctoral Gown - Please see store for assistance
Doctoral gown has distinguishing velvet trim down the front, and velvet chevrons on the sleeves. There are several options for a Doctoral candidates. Please contact Jim Johnson at UMD Stores (218) 726-8766, or email jimjohn@d.umn.edu if you need assistance with Doctoral regalia.

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