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Printmaking Supplies
Block Printing Ink Tube 1.25 oz by Speedball
Give your creations all the brilliance they deserve with water soluble inks from Speedball. These inks are easy to clean up with water, non-toxic, gluten free and super for printmaking with linoleum, wood, Flexible Printing Plate, Speedy-Carve™, Speedy-Cut™ and Polyprint. All Speedball inks are AP Non-Toxic and are excellent for use in the studio, school or home.
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Brayer 4" Pop-In Hard Rubber by Speedball
Speedball's Hard Rubber Brayer has a sturdy one-piece plastic construction. The black roller is 4" (10 cm) wide. The core unit will not shrink or swell from immersion. This brayer’s 4" wide hard rubber roller pops out for easy cleaning, and also accommodates other Pop-In rollers. Made in the USA!
Price: $7.99
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Brayer 6" Soft Rubber by Speedball
Perfect for block printing, this 6-inch deluxe soft rubber brayer is designed with a heavy-duty steel frame that eliminates warping. This brayer picks up more ink than harder brayers making it ideal for inking blocks or carved surfaces for printmaking. Soft natural gum rubber roller with precision ground finish (40/42 durometer) assures ink is evenly distributed. Features durable plastic comfort grip handle and includes craft tip usage guide. Made in USA!
Price: $15.99
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Double End Twisted Scriber by UJ Ramelson
Scribing and tracing tool has a twisted center. Also used for dry point etching on metal surfaces 6 1/2" long sharp double end for accurate tracing twisted center for east grip.
Price: $9.99
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Hollow Scraper (Bevel Knife) by UJ Ramelson - 3 sided, 3.5"
Triple Edge cutting tool allows you to fine tune your gripping holes, the smooth sharp edges make it easy for a cleaner release, hardened and tempered USA tool steel. Hollow cutting edges to stay sharper longer, Re-sharpens easily. Also features a hardwood handle. Also used in intaglio, printmaking for scraping off burs from etching plate as well as plumbing and all purpose needs. Made in the USA!
Price: $10.99
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Jack Richeson Easy-To-Cut Lino Block - Mounted
Create beautifully carved works of art on Easy-to-Cut Mounted Linoleum. Mounted on particle board, this linoleum piece cuts like butter and kicks brittle tendencies to the curb. Carve your designs, ink them, and make hundreds of prints!
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Lino Block Mounted by Speedball
This linoleum block provides a fine, flat surface block without gaps or hollows. The block will not warp, crack, dry out or peel. It is recommended to use with oil, water-soluble or fabric block printing inks.
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Metal Etching Burnisher by UJ Ramelson - 3" Blade
The burnisher is a smooth sided tool with a curved tip used in etching techniques. The curved tip allows once to focus it's polishing action into a smaller area as it is used further towards the tip. Pressure is applied as the burnisher is rubbed and this rubbing action softens surface textures. The burnisher is also the tool used by mezzo artists to smooth the texture off the mezzotint plate. Tool Steel. White Birch Handle. Made in the USA!
Price: $9.99
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Niji Yasutomo Wood and Linoleum Cutting Set - 7 Pieces
Niji Wood & Linoleum Cutting Set contains 7 tools that include small, medium and large gouges, 1 V parting chisel, 2 straight skew chisels and 1 flat chisel. Set comes with surgical steel cutters featuring 4-1/2 in long wooden handles and nickel plated ferrules.
Price: $10.99
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Screen Drawing Fluid 8 oz by Speedball
This "tusche-like" or positive screen printing technique is an excellent method for the elementary classroom on up!
First, brush Speedball Drawing Fluid on all areas you desire to print and let dry. Next, spread Screen Filler over the entire bottom side of the screen and let dry. Finally, spray cold water onto the top of the screen to wash out the areas covered by Drawing Fluid. Use filler to touch up any pin holes.
Once dry, the screen is ready for printing with any water-based ink. Remove filler with hot water and detergent. Made in the USA!

Price: $5.99
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Screen Filler 8 oz by Speedball
For positive screen printing. Brush Drawing Fluid on areas to print. Spread Screen Filler over entire bottom side of screen. Spray water onto top of screen to wash out covered areas. Print with water-based or mineral-sprits based ink. Made in the USA!
Price: $10.29
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