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Laptop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

UMD students and parents have many questions about what computers and software are required at UMD. We hope this list will help answer those questions. If you have additional questions you can contact the UMD Computer Corner by emailing umdcc@d.umn.edu or by calling (218) 726-6218.

Are laptops required at UMD?

Every collegiate unit at UMD now requires a laptop. Students who are "undecided" are classified in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) unit. Detailed laptop requirements for each collegiate unit are available at the UMD tech requirement website: https://itss.d.umn.edu/students/technology-classes/purchasing

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What laptop specifications are required for my major?

Exact specifications required are listed at the UMD tech requirement website:

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Does the UMD Computer Corner sell laptops at a discount?

Yes. We offer student and educational pricing, and have laptop-packages in stock that meet the requirements for each unit.

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If a UMD student buys their required laptop at the UMD Stores Computer Corner (bookstore), is it tax-free?

Yes, students are able to purchase one laptop per year at educational/student pricing. Laptops must be
purchased in-store or via our umdcc.com/umdstores.com "online store" to be tax-free.

Other online purchases, where you purchase directly from education websites that we link to,
like dell.com or apple.com ARE NOT TAX-FREE, even if required.

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Can I charge my laptop to my U-CARD (student ID)?

Yes. Any purchases made with your U Card are charged to your tuition bill. You must have a second form of photo ID (driver's license) to charge to your U card. It is a convenient way to make purchases at UMD Stores. Keep in mind that the charges must be paid by the deadlines set by the University or a hold will be placed on your records.

* U-Cards can only be used for in-store purchases, they cannot be shipped *

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Is there a way to add my computer purchase to my student loans?
Is there in-store financing?

To determine if the cost of a computer can be included in your financial aid package, students can complete a Cost of Attendance Appeal form. These forms are located at One Stop Student Services, 23 Solon Campus Center UMD Stores DOES NOT currently offer any in-store loan or financing plans. Currently enrolled UMD students can use their U card to charge a computer to their tuition bill.

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Do students have to buy their laptop at the UMD Computer Corner?

You are not required to buy computer hardware or software from UMD, but the UMD Computer Corner offers significant educational discounts for laptop packages and software options that meet UMD’s technology requirements. Any hardware and software that is required by a Collegiate Unit (LSBE, CEHSP, CLA, SFA, SCSE) can be purchased tax free when made at the UMD Computer Corner. The UMD Computer Corner offers several PC laptop packages that have 4-year warranty and insurance included in the price. Additionally you can purchase a CPS extended warranty for any laptop, tablet or device; this is especially useful for Macs. Most standard warranties cover manufacturing problems in the first year - if the motherboard dies, for instance. Those kinds of issues are not nearly as common as the extra things the CPS warranty covers - spills, drops, and other kinds of accidental damage. The other thing to know is that if your machine shows some kind of accidental damage, it often voids the manufacturer’s warranty. If you have a CPS warranty for your laptop, you can have your machine serviced at the UMD TechCenter, which means you don’t need to worry about shipping it anywhere (if it needs to be shipped, we’ll do it for you). If you DO need to pay for a repair, ITSS rates are very reasonable. The ITSS TechCenter services Apple, Dell, & HP Warranty work.

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What software is required and recommended at UMD?

A number of software packages are available for students for free or at reduced cost. For details, see http://itss.d.umn.edu/services/software Graphic design majors, (and some others) require a 12-month software membership license for the Adobe Creative Cloud. This special education price is only available to currently enrolled UMD stdents. See our website for more information and for current student pricing.

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Do I need a printer?

Students can purchase a printer, share with a room-mate, or bring files to be printed on a flash drive to Library computers, the Print Shop or other labs. The Computer Corner offers basic printers for under $30.

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How do the students get to the Internet?

Wired: Dorms and apartments, except for Lake Superior Hall, provide one live ethernet jack per student. LSH is wireless only.

Wireless: Many areas on the UMD campus have wireless internet access for students/staff with university user ID & passwords. Wireless access is available throughout the campus, including in the Library, Food Court , Kirby Student Center, and some lounge areas.

More information about network and wireless services available to UMD students, please visit the ITSS services page: https://itss.d.umn.edu/services

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Other questions? Call us at (218)726-6218 or email us.

To be eligible to purchase most hardware or software at the Computer Corner, you must be a current student, faculty or staff member at UMD or another qualified institution of higher education. Please see the Computer Corner with specific questions on educational pricing.

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