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General Information

  • Graduation regalia is available in the lower level of UMD Stores or online from the above categories.
  • Graduation gowns are purchased by height. The bottom of your gown should fall about mid-calf, so take into account the height of your shoes. Large size XL gowns are available in each height. Larger gowns are available on request, please allow several weeks.  See store for details.
  • Mortarboard caps are "one size fits most". Size XL caps are available. Mortarboard caps are worn for bachelor's and master's candidates. Caps or Tams may be worn by doctoral candidates.
  • The color of your tassel is determined by your undergraduate (bachelor's) degree. All graduate (masters or doctoral) tassels are black.
  • Hoods are worn by masters and doctoral candidates. The color is determined by your degree.
  • Graduation announcements are also available on the lower level. Personalized announcements are available online through Herff Jones or Jostens Delivery is approximately 2-3 weeks.

More Information by Degree:

Other Graduation Items Are Available to Commemorate your Achievement:


NOTE: When ordering Graduation Hoods, please include your
Discipline/Degree in the comments area.