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Direct Digital Access

What is Direct Digital Access?

UMD Stores and academic publishers are offering students the most up-to-date delivery of eBooks and adaptive learning platforms. The partnerships will reduce costs up to 70% off the price of a new print textbook. Additionally, specific program features such as interactive online assignments, multimedia presentations, virtual tutoring, dynamic study and self-assessment tools give students everything they need to study well and succeed!

How Direct Digital Access Works

  • Students are sent an email before classes begin with instructions on how to access their digital course materials content. They’re able to access the content on the first day of class.
  • Students enjoy free access to the content up to the add/drop day set by campus.
  • After the free trial period, in order to retain access, students simply do nothing; a charge is conveniently billed to the student’s university account.
  • If students choose to opt out, they can do so easily by clicking on the opt-out tab in the email they received by the opt-out date set by UMD Stores. Access to the content is then turned off and no charge is assessed.

For more information about direct digital access, contact UMD Stores by emailing [email protected] or by calling (218) 726-8708.

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